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Live Stream Vee Jay
what then we propose of better

Live stream your events

Clubing, concerts, interviews, conferences, sport competition, fashion show and more.
Multiple camera, broadcasting of your logo, dj's name, label and more live pub.
Share it with your friends in live!

You need a support ?

Web app and web site design, developement and social media.
We can help you at all stages of production!

Promote your project

Clip production, making off, teaser, movie, flyer...
We realize promotional tools that you can use for your projects!

We continuously seek between design and technology
Our team hand picked to provide the right balance of skills to work.

Contest what's it?
There're two possibles responses

1. look our teaser, in 3 words!
2. you find that in every screen!

You know already!

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Our Services

Digital Media Solutions

Live stream

Capturing and broadcasting live TV show
on the internet. Digital audio recording and streaming, Live Video Box.


Digital Media

Webdesign, Social Media, Printing
Laser Spectra 3D, vjing, mapping
black light, fog machine...

Motion Design

Clip production, video editing, aerial pictures, for any label, band,
mark or other concept.

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We Take Care For Every Detail

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Live Stream

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Our Equipement

Everything is possible according to your wishes
For any big installations or for one artist we give you the best TV show

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